About Us


Assemtica Robotics is a Deep tech startup focused on developing Industry 4.0 ecosystem in Industry and Academia. Technology areas that we work on include Industrial Robotics, 3D printing, Machine Vision and Machine learning. We are working towards developing and deploying Deep Learning applications in smart manufacturing scenarios.


Dr. Kranthi Kumar Elineni is a Mechanical Engineer with focus on researching and developing Advanced Fabrication Technologies to enable Industry 4.0. He received his doctorate in Mechanical Engineering from University of South Florida, Tampa, USA in 2011 and worked as a Research and Development Engineer at Intel Corp, Hillsboro, Oregon, USA till 2017.

Dr. Elineni worked at Intel's D1X: The World's Most Advanced Manufacturing Factory. His contributions include state-of-the-art semiconductor processing equipment install qualifications, planning and executing equipment upgrades, semiconductor process flow R&D, troubleshooting engineering issues for smooth running of the fab.

Dr. Elineni’s scientific contributions span areas including but not limited to Semiconductors, Nano Manufacturing, Directed Self Assembly, MEMS, Cellular Engineering, Tissue Engineering and Material Science. His works have been presented internationally at prestigious conferences and published in reputed international journals and cited by researchers from various countries.

His inventions in the field of Directed Self Assembly and Tissue Engineering have been applied for International patents. Dr. Elineni is currently devoting his time researching and integrating robotics with 3d printing and developing Deep Learning applications in manufacturing scenario.


Sravan Kumar Elineni, MS, is an accomplished Data Scientist and Machine Learning expert with over 9 years of experience in developing cost-effective solutions. He received his Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Robotics from the University of South Florida, Tampa, USA in 2010 and received US patent for Wheelchair Hands-free User Interface device to assist people with disabilities. 

Mr. Elineni has worked as Sr Data Scientist and Machine learning expert at a top Fortune 500 Health Care Organization, WellCare Health Plans, Tampa, Florida. As a data scientist, his contributions include Customer Retention Modelling and Member stratification for NY/ NJ and Kentucky Markets which saved millions of dollars for WellCare. He has successfully integrated various external statistical software tools into Wellcare’s ecosystem. During his work at Book Zurman inc, he contributed to unifying healthcare ontologies usage between SNOMED, LOINC, and RxNorm using NLP.

He currently aligned his interests for innovation in Industry 4.0 for Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Automotive sectors using AI tech and subject matter knowledge transfer. His core competencies include Tensorflow, Advanced Data warehousing, Big Data Technologies, Data mining, Advanced Analytics, predictive modeling and Fraud detection.