Computer Science, Electrical, Electronics, Information Technology & Mechanical Engineering

Engineering students aspiring for a bright future should focus on learning and implementing latest technologies. At Assemtica Robotics, we offer world class research oriented training based on industrial applications for select few bright and motivated students to inculcate R & D and Engineering aptitude. 

Training & project opportunities are offered at our facility in 3D printing, Robotics, Advanced Vision systems and Machine Learning. Please review our training portfolio below for more details.

Enrollment open for students to participate in our projects. 

To enroll, please choose from the training portfolio section below and email us your resume.

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Please Note: Only selected candidates are allowed to participate in our R&D projects

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Our project oriented training is useful for engineers applying for high value, high paying technical jobs in emerging technologies or for admission to masters, doctoral programs in India or abroad. Please visit our YouTube channel "Assemtica Robotics" for Robotics, computer vision, deep learning & 3D Printing applications developed by us and our student and graduate trainees.

Training Portfolio

3D Printing


  • Introduction to concepts and application of 3D printing as a manufacturing technology.
  • In 3D printing, product is manufactured through computer controlled addition of material.
  • Projects on FFF/FDM cartesian and delta printers, cura and flashprint slicer softwares are pursued.
  • Prototypes of various engineering objects can be modeled and 3D printed



  • Introduction to Industrial Robots
  • Use of end effectors - suction cup, gripper, pen and laser head. 
  • projects such as palletization, storage and retrieval, sorting are pursued through fusion of Design, 3D printing, and integration of robotic components and sensors
  • Projects encompassing Assembly lines are configured and programmed using computer controlled conveyors, linear rails, turrets in combination with robots and sensors to accomplish specific tasks.

Machine Vision


  • Machine vision is integration of robotics and computer vision.
  • Concepts and applications of machine vision through python programming are introduced through specialized projects.
  • Projects such as object detection, object orientation detection, color sorting are pursued to understand machine vision concepts.
  • Projects requiring high precision and high accuracy such as automatic inspection, process control, defect detection and robot guidance for industrial applications are pursued.

Machine Learning (AI/ML)


  • Machine Intelligence is integration of robots, sensors, computer vision and Machine learning.
  • Concepts and application of deep learning through tensor flow, localization and mapping as part of machine learning is introduced through specialized projects.
  • Advanced Projects such as intelligent sorting through object recognition and identification, smart object palletization using multiple conveyors, smart storage and retrieval using deep learning based computer vision are pursued to understand machine intelligence concepts.